Semalt: Difference Between Web Scraping And Data Mining. 2 Best Tools For Data Mining And Web Scraping

Data mining is a process of discovering patterns in datasets that involves different machine learning technologies. In this technique, data is extracted in different formats and used for various purposes. The goal of data mining is to obtain information from desired websites and transform it into understandable structures for further uses. There are different aspects of this technique, such as pre-processing, inference consideration, complexity consideration, interestingness metrics and data management.

Web scraping is the process of extracting data from desired web pages. It is also known as data extraction and web harvesting. Scraping tools and software access the World Wide Web with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, collect useful data and get it extracted as per your requirements. The information is saved in a central database or gets downloaded on your hard drive for further uses.

Data Use:

One of the major differences between data mining and web scraping is how these techniques are used and applied in everyday life. For instance, data mining is used to see how different websites are connected with each other. Uber and Careem use machine learning technology to calculate ETAs for their rides and come up with accurate results. Web scraping is used for a variety of purposes, such as financial and academic research. A company or enterprise may use these techniques to collect data about their competitors and to boost their sales. Also, they play a vital role in generating leads on the internet and targeting a large number of customers.

Foundations of these techniques:

Both web scraping and data mining draw from the same foundation, but these methodologies are applicable in different walks of life. For instance, data mining is used to pull information from existing websites and convert it into a readable and scalable format. However, web scraping is used to extract web content and information from PDF files, HTML documents, and dynamic sites. We can use these methodologies for marketing, advertisements, and promotion of our brands and social media is the best place to advertise your products and services. We can generate up to 15,000 leads in a matter of minutes.

Web pages contain a wealth of information and data can be scraped only with reliable tools such as and Kimono Labs.


It is one of the best content mining or web scraping programs. has claimed to scrape up to six million web pages so far, and the number is growing every day. With this tool, we can collect useful information from various sites, scrape it in a desirable form and download it on our hard drives directly. Companies like Amazon and Google use to extract a large number of web pages on a daily basis.

2. Kimono Labs:

Kimono Labs is another reliable data mining and web scraping program. This software has a user-friendly interface and transforms your data into CSV and JSON forms. You can also scrape PDF files and HTML documents with this service. Its machine learning technology makes Kimono a perfect choice for enterprises and programmers.